Nieuwe software TEF v2 v2.07

Er is nieuwe software beschikbaar voor de TEF v2. Let op, er is ook een update van het Nextion display noodzakelijk!

– RDSSpy: After changing frequency the RDS data will be resetted
– Added stepsize 10MHz (FM), 1MHz (AM)
– Clean up RadioText A/B indicator
– Bugfix: Sometimes after first installation the rotary encoder mode was not working correctly
– Splash screen shows if bluetooth module is detected
– You can now toggle between scopes:
Option 1: Top scope: FM multipath
Low scope: Ultrasonic FM noise
Option 2: Top scope: Signal level
Low scope: Modulation waveform
You can toggle between modes by tapping the scopes. In AM mode option 2 is always enabled.
– TEF6687/TEF6689: Added FMSI options to DSP menu
– Added possibility to store up to 30 memorychannels:
– You can now switch between MAN/AUTO/MEMORY with the mode button
– If you want to store a frequency:
1. Tune to the wanted frequency.
2. Switch to MEMORY mode.
3. Press the rotary encoder.
4. Select the memory channel you want to store the frequency to.
5. Press the rotary encoder again.
– Bugfix: Radiotext refresh improved.
– Added live meters in DSP menu for stereo seperation threshold, high-cut threshold and FMSI bands 1-4.
– Bugfix: Rotary direction and rotary mode was not working with bandscanner.
– Hold BW and Rotary encoder button together at startup to recover default settings. (all your settings will be lost!)
– Reduced data flow to display.